Baby Wang #2 Update

I wanted to drop a quick update out to those who might still follow our blog...I'm terrible about updating it! We are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Wang #2. 2+ days overdue and counting... The good news is that there is an end in sight (unless we get bumped) as we're scheduled to be induced this Friday. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning and went in with the conviction that I wasn't leaving without an induction date. Of course, I got the usual "we don't like to do elective inductions"...my reaction was "I'm not waiting another week and 1 day just for it to be considered non-elective...CHECK THE CALENDAR NOW!" (Vinh can verify this) Since this time around I'm not the niave 1st time Mom figuring doctor knows best...nope, I'm the overdue, over-tired (which I realize will be for quite some time), over-uncomfortable, over-hormonal, over-the-top woman who is trying to feel like she has some control over her own body!! (I know it's a stretch, but the truth) So now we wait for it to either happen naturally between now and Friday or be induced and get the show on the road.

As for Addy, we are continuously watching the "Dora - Big Sister" moody (movie) and Addy official can say sister, but we're still not sold on her understanding the ramifications of that word. We're pretty sure she thinks it involves a big brother monkey named Boots, but we could be totally off on that :) We read her "Big Sister" book every night before she goes to bed in the hopes for another seed planting opportunity, but the book has a puppy in it and that seems to take most of her attention...oh the fun we are about to embarq on!

To top it all off, Thursday is the official Chinese New Year. Ever since joining the Chung family, I've had quite an appreciation for trying to learn and understand the cultural nuances. Chinese New Years is a big deal and the one take away that I've always listened to is the belief that "what happens on Chinese New Years is an indication for what will happen to you all year". (do you know where I'm going with this?) That's right, if this baby decides to come on Chinese New Years...I can't even begin to think about what that would mean...ha/ha!!!

We'll keep you all posted on the arrival of the newest member of the Chung family!


Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas! We hosted both the Chung and McCabe families and enjoyed every minute of it. The Chungs kicked it off on Christmas Eve in which Vinh cooked up a feast as usual. We played a fun game with all the kids...Christmas karoke...the kiddos had to sing a Christmas tune in order to pic a gift from the fireplace...of course, the it was the gift of cash :) Vinh's immediate family all stayed over night which has been a tradition over the past 5 years...it's great because Santa brings gifts for everyone and we get to do the whole Christmas morning gift opening together. This year it was kicked off by McKinley & Carter at about 7am! We then opened gifts and then cleaned up! The McCabe Christmas was dinner on Christmas day so my parents, Ross, Molly and the kids joined us that afternoon. Vinh cooked a delicious dinner again and we enjoyed watching the kiddos rip into gifts (whether they had their name on them or not!). It was quite comical...Grandma Jeanie and Grandpa Red went overboard as always so it was complete wrapping paper chaos!! Vinh had gotten a ping pong table and set it up in the basement so everyone enjoyed that over the weekend. Enjoy some pics from our fun-filled weekend (in no particular order)!

35 weeks along...baby's 1st Christmas!
Addy, Isaac, Hudson & Ime getting ready for dinner

Addy's Cozy Coupe from us...I always wanted one as a kid!

Addy's patent leather "squeaky" boots from the Kwan family...she loves the squeak (but it's removable)!

Addy's rocking horse from Ama & Aya - it makes trotting noises, the tail wags, the head goes up and down while neighing (sp?)...quite the horse!!

Christmas morning...Santa brought Addy an art easel which she LOVES!

Our version of Christmas karoke...game for the kids...it was alot of fun!

Addy & McKinley with Auntie Kristina all dressed up!


2010...What A Year It's Been!

We've had quite a year...lots of changes! We decided to build a new home and little did we know that soon after deciding that we'd find out that we were expecting baby #2. What a rollercoaster that would put us on. As I sit here on New Years Eve (knowing that I will more than likely not make it until the ball drops) I think back to the challenges we faced through trying to sell the house...while raising an active little one and continuing life as we normally would :) In the end everything worked out and we got to live with Vinh's parent for a month, which Addy LOVED!! We are so happy to be settling into the new house now being here for about a month and enjoying the holidays. We hosted the Chung family on Christmas Eve and the McCabe family on Christmas Day. Vinh was in heaven cooking for everyone and we were excited to host our first big events in the house! Today I finally got around to unpacking neutral baby clothes and putting things away in the nursery. As I sat in the rocking chair in the baby's room I was reminded at how excited we are to be adding to our family! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor wasn't sure if the baby was heads down yet so we got to have another ultrasound. It was such a treat as Addy and Vinh were with me...Addy definitely knows where "baby" is, but it was fun watching her see the baby on the screen! We were able to confirm that the baby is in fact heads down so that was a relief...no worry of having to try to "turn" the baby or possibly plan for a c-section. YEAH! It was fun seeing the baby's pudgy cheeks as well...we never had an ultrasound this far in the pregnancy with Addy so it was fun to see. Thought we'd share some pictures from the past few months as well...

Our 1st Christmas Tree Hunt...Addy loved it!

Addy's favorite hang out spot in the house

Our 1st dinner at the house...Five Guys with the Dorns!

The Office

The Dining Room

The Great Room

The Kitchen

More holiday pictures to come! We hope everyone has a Happy New Year...have a cocktail for me :)


Update on the McChungs!

Everytime I blog I commit to doing it more often...clearly I'm not living up to that goal! Well here's an update on the McChungs and our adventures over the past few months. First of all, we've been on quite the rollercoaster and I must say, I've got one of the best hubbies who has been a great support to his pregnant hormonal wife throughout the entire thing :) Where to start...

We moved out of our house about 3 weeks ago as it turned out we found amazing people to move in and see a great friendship starting with their family! We feel it all worked out for a reason on both sides. The move out of our house was quite the ordeal as we underestimated just how much "stuff" we really had. We filled up 2 storage units...to the point of pushing things in to get the storage unit door to close :) Off we went our suitcases in hand to live with Vinh's parents in St. Paul. Addy, of course, has been in total heaven getting spoiled rotten by A-Ma & A-Ya at all hours of the day and night! I was most worried about her in this whole transition, but she seems to be doing the best out of all of us!! I've been really busy at work so working long hours and some weekends which has been tough on Baby Wang #2...but he/she keeps reminding me of their presence by being a pretty active "mover-arounder"...at all hours of the night and day! Our motivation has been solely on getting into our new house and starting to finally get settled. It's amazing how unsettling it is to even be in your previous house having to have it "show ready" all the time...the stress was really wearing on us. Now it's just a different type of stress...being anxious the get into our new home and for me to be able to "nest" before Baby Wang #2 comes. Needless to say, that process hasn't been the smoothest up to this point with our new house...there have been multiple delays where I get my hopes up and then something comes up. Again, Vinh has been the rock to keep us all together and ensuring that it will all be worth the wait! I must say, I have to also thank all the family and friends who have been supporting us throughout this process as well...YOU'RE THE BEST!

So now back to the fun stuff...I just had to share this picture of Addy as she loves visiting A-Ma & A-Ya's restaurant. We've been "visiting" coincidentally around dinner time multiple nights out of the week and have been spoiled rotten by A-Ma's cooking...YUMMY! As you can see Addy enjoys helping A-Ya take orders from the customers...

That's all for now. I'll hopefully be able to post some pictures of the new house after we get settled in...keeping our fingers crossed that we close early next week!


MN Zoo Trip w/ The Burds and The Hoffmans

We headed to the zoo a few weeks ago to meet up with our friends the Burds and the Hoffmans. It was a "beastly" hot day, but Addy was introduced to her first splash pad near the grizzly bear exhibit...and as you'll see below, LOVED it!!

There was no fear looking directly into the spray holes and waiting for the water to gush up into her face...HILARIOUS!

Clearly she was into RUNNING around the splash pad...which was a little scarey for Mom & Dad!


Happy 1st Birthday Addison Jean!

Happy 1st Birthday to our little girl...who turned 1 on July 29th! We can't believe how fast the first year flew by...(and we survived) :) Addy enjoyed her favorite pasttimes on her actual birthday...going to Chucky Cheeses and unrolling the toilet paper...both very FUN!

Addy's 1st Birthday Party!

Of course we were excited to throw Addy her 1st birthday party and much like her 1-month party...her Dad just couldn't resist!! This time the non-resistance party item was a bouncey turtle, which was so large we almost had to put it up in the neighbors yard. Oh and based on the size of the turtle the rental company threw in a snow cone machine to top it off...I'm pretty sure Vinh was drooling the entire time! In between drooling he managed to take over 400 pictures from the day...hence why it's taken me this long to update the blog...I have the attention span of a 1 year old and just picked out a few to share...ENJOY (we sure did!) :)

Will it fit? (Vinh supervising the set-up of Mr. Turtle)

Addy & Daddy enjoying the first bounces...check out the head on Mr. Turtle!

Mr. Turtle was just so kissable!

Addy had a blast bouncing around...literally, she didn't care how many times she fell down and rolled around!

Her favorite position...try this bouncing around!

Pre-birthday cake outfit

Family and friends singing "Happy Birthday"...and Addy just watching us all going..."you guys are crazy"!!

This frosting stuff is merely coincidental as Addy wasn't that interested in eating the cake or frosting...it just "happened" to get all over her! (hence the bath water was blue/green when we quickly washed her off!)